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High Net Worth Divorce

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No matter your financial situation, going through divorce can be an intimidating experience. However, for those with complex or substantial assets and property, the process of property division can quickly become a costly undertaking.

At The Law Office of Julia M. Pendleton, we have helped numerous families throughout the Piedmont Triad resolve their financial issues during divorce. Whether you are a doctor or lawyer with a professional practice, a small-business owner, or simply wish to ensure you and your interests are properly accounted for as you make your way through your divorce, we will provide you with the essential resources and information.

Building A Plan During Asset And Debt Distribution

When most people think of property division during a divorce, the first thing that comes to mind are the tangible assets: the cars, the house or the vacation home. However, there are numerous other considerations that we can help you address such as:

  • Any debts that you and your spouse share
  • Investments, retirement accounts, pensions and options for a QDRO
  • Interest in a closely held business, professional practice or family-owned business
  • The valuation and sale of real estate
  • Reaching a property settlement agreement
  • The discovery of hidden assets
  • The identification of marital and non-marital property
  • The interpretation or implementation of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement

You don’t need to have substantial wealth or investments to benefit from the services of an experienced family law attorney. As your lawyers, we will review your situation, tailor our advice to protect your interests and help you explore options for resolving issues in a cost-effective manner.

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