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Post-Divorce Modifications: As Your Life Changes, So Should Your Divorce Documents

Even though the ink has dried on your divorce documents, that doesn’t mean you won’t need to make adjustments down the road. As you start moving forward after divorce, there will be numerous personal and financial changes that may necessitate the modification of your support and custody agreements.

Standing With You Before, During And After Your Divorce Is Finalized

For many people, the months or years after a divorce can feel like starting a new chapter in their lives. Perhaps you started a new job and your finances have changed. Or you lost your job and can no longer keep up with alimony or child support payments. No matter the circumstances, it’s important to address these life changes with help from a family law attorney.

At The Law Office of Julia M. Pendleton, Julia Pendleton helps her clients through all stages of the divorce process. This means she makes sure her clients don’t feel trapped in their agreements or court orders. Some common reasons for pursuing a modification include:

  • A parent wishes to move outside the state
  • There are allegations of child abuse or neglect
  • A parent loses his or her job and can no longer make support payments
  • A parent receives a promotion or takes a new job and receives a pay increase
  • A child’s needs have changed due to illness or injury
  • A child requires additional financial assistance for school or extracurricular activities
  • A former spouse or the parent of the child remarries

Failure to pay child support or alimony is a serious matter that can result in wage garnishment as well as other civil and criminal penalties. Reach out to us and schedule an appointment to speak with a lawyer regarding your options for modifying an existing child custody or support agreement.

Helping To Eliminate The Stress Of Post-Divorce Modifications

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