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Protecting Your Interests When Drafting Spousal Support Agreements (Alimony)

The issue of spousal support (alimony) is often one of the first things people think of when going through a divorce or separation. At The Law Office of Julia M. Pendleton, attorney Julia Pendleton will explain the different ways post-separation support and alimony can be determined, offer an estimate as to the amount you stand to receive or contribute, and explain the criteria the courts take into account when ruling on these matters.

Finding Peaceful Alternatives To Resolving Your Divorce Or Separation

Whether you were the primary financial provider in your relationship or you contributed in other ways (such as raising children and the upkeep of the family home), Julia represents both dependent spouses and those who are considered the supporting spouse in matters of spousal or separation support.

The dynamics of every relationship differ, and it is important to consider all contributions, both financial and otherwise, when negotiating the amount and duration of a spousal support agreement. In most cases, Julia directs her clients toward alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration. These strategies can keep your affairs private, move the process forward and help both parties come away feeling satisfied.

Below are some factors that may play into your alimony agreement:

  • The age, health and overall well-being of both parties
  • The income and earnings of both parties
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The standard of living that was maintained during the marriage
  • Any unearned income of both parties such as retirement accounts and Social Security
  • Contributions either spouse may have made to advance the other’s career (education or job training)
  • The employment status and viability of both spouses
  • The education of both spouses
  • Property and assets that were brought to the marriage by either spouse
  • Any debts or other obligations of both parties
  • The financial obligations of caring for a child
  • Tax implications
  • Incidents of marital misconduct
  • Any reasonable needs of either spouse

When you work with Julia, you will have an experienced attorney explaining all your options. Whether you stand to pay or receive support, she will ensure that you are treated fairly.

Providing The Legal Support You Need As You Start The Next Chapter

To privately discuss your case with a lawyer, contact Julia Pendleton’s Greensboro, North Carolina, law office at 336-355-8796 or take a moment to submit an online contact form. She prides herself on being accessible and responsive. Whether you reside in nearby Winston-Salem or elsewhere throughout the Piedmont Triad, she will be here to help.