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Divorcing? Avoid These Top 10 Legal Divorce Mistakes

If you are going through a divorce, and you’re trying to do all of the right things, set up a consultation with attorney Julia M. Pendleton in Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina to make sure that you are advised on how to avoid the biggest divorce mistakes. Friends and family will offer tips and advice, and we want to provide you with the top legal and financial mistakes that can occur during the divorce process. For more information, please contact The Law Office of Julia M. Pendleton and schedule your consult with Julia Pendleton. The more proactive you are about protecting your self, your children and your assets, the better off you will be in preparation and moving forward to a better outcome sooner rather than later. Here are examples of some common mistakes that people make going through a separation and divorce:

1. Think and believe that your spouse will be fair and cooperative

Set your expectations low for cooperation, and be prepared for some bumps in the road along the way. Remember, when both parties are looking out for themselves, demands may not always seem fair.

2. Withhold information from your attorney

Withholding information about important details related to the demise of your marriage and the status of financial assets will not allow your attorney to do the most effective job in providing sound legal advice, and it could diminish the trusting relationship between you and your attorney. You have a confidential relationship with your attorney, and they need to know the good, the bad and the ugly.

3. Forget the tax ramifications and do not hire a financial advisor

Find a trusted financial advisor to counsel you on tax consequences, such as tax-related issues with spousal support, child support and filing status for tax returns.

4. Have an unrealistic idea of what you will gain from the divorce

It is common practice to start high with an offer of negotiation, providing room for negotiation. However, make sure that you have realistic expectations and that you and your attorney are on the same page with those realistic expectations.

5. Sign documents without asking questions

Ask questions. There is never a “dumb” question. The only “dumb” question is the question NOT asked.

6. Allow too much time to pass before enforcing a court order

If you know a separation is imminent, seek legal advice as soon as possible. Waiting for the actual separation wastes valuable time that can be used in preparing for big change that doesn’t have to feel so big if steps are taken to prepare.

7. Expect to Win in Court

A Judge may not have the same viewpoint as you do when hearing evidence and arguments of counsel during a trial, and because of procedural rules, they often do not have complete information. Try to stay balanced with a problem-solving approach, and don’t go in thinking the Court can solve or resolve all problems and disputes.

8. Allow emotions, not logic, to rule your legal decisions

Try to find the calm and thoughtful voice inside of you when approaching decisions. Use reason and logic throughout your decision-making process, which will help you articulate your needs to your attorney and thereafter make decisions based on the legal advice and guidance given to you by your attorney.

9. Not checking facts and figures from attorneys and opposing parties involved in the case.

Read all pleadings and other documents thoroughly. Attorneys are humans, and can make mistakes, too. It is good to double-check everything to make sure that every detail is correct.

10. Not being helpful

Assist your attorney by providing accurate information in a timely manner. Make sure that you support your attorney and work on your goals together, helping whenever needed. There are forms that are mandated by the Court in certain types of cases, and there may be discovery requests served by the opposing party. It is important for you to follow the guidance and requests of your attorney so that you are in compliance with local rules implemented by the Court and discovery deadlines.

Thank you for reading the divorce tips and advice from The Law Office of Julia M. Pendleton in Greensboro, North Carolina. Financial and other types of mistakes in divorce can be avoided by following the guidelines offered by our Triad Family Law Firm. Refer to these top legal divorce mistakes as you verify that you are keeping up with the documents and required information to help the divorce and separation proceedings move forward in the most favorable way. These tips can also be helpful for unmarried individuals and blended families.

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