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Custody and Thanksgiving arrangements

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2022 | Family Law |

North Carolina is full of families who love getting together for Thanksgiving. However, your Thanksgiving schedule might look different after getting a divorce. Fortunately, there are a few arrangements that can keep children and adults happy.

Alternating Thanksgiving arrangements each year

Some parents prefer to alternate which year they spend Thanksgiving with their children. For example, you can arrange to see your child on Thanksgiving 2022. However, next year, the child’s other parent gets to bring them along for Thanksgiving festivities.

Splitting the entire Thanksgiving weekend

Since Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, most schools and workplaces extend this holiday into the following weekend. Considering that, a popular parenting arrangement is to divide Thanksgiving weekend in half. This means one parent spends the first half of Thanksgiving weekend with their child. Then, the child and their other parent spend the second of this weekend together.

Giving a parent Thanksgiving and the other parent gets the following weekend

Another potential way to divide a Thanksgiving schedule is to give one parent Thanksgiving with their child. The other parent spends the rest of Thanksgiving weekend with their child after Thanksgiving ends. This arrangement is a popular option for parents who don’t want to wait a full year before seeing their children around Thanksgiving.

Life after a divorce can come with a lot of changes, especially as the holiday season approaches. But divorced couples must make the most out of future holidays for the sake of their children. Arguing with your ex-spouse about Thanksgiving plans only creates a stressful situation for you, your former partner and the children you both share.