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What are the components of a good co-parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2022 | Child Custody Disputes |

Parents in North Carolina who are no longer married to each other have to focus on their children. They must have a good co-parenting plan. These are the components necessary to ensure that it works for everyone involved.

Putting your child’s best interests first

Child custody is always determined with your child’s best interests as the main focus. With your co-parenting plan, you should consider the same thing. You and your former spouse should consider what’s best for your child emotionally and physically when deciding on who has custody and when.

Considering the expenses

You should consider the expenses necessary for everything your child needs as part of your parenting plan. You might be responsible for paying for everyday necessities like food and clothing while your former spouse pays for your child’s education and extracurricular activities.

Open lines of communication

Good, open lines of communication are crucial for any good co-parenting plan. You and your former spouse may no longer be a couple, but you should still be a team when you have a child together. Determine how you’ll keep in communication and how often to communicate. Regularly discuss matters related to your child to make things better for them.

Be flexible

Flexibility matters when you share custody of your child. Things can come up that are unforeseen or spontaneous. You may need to readjust your parenting schedule for any number of reasons. Being flexible to that can benefit your child.

Set boundaries

Successful co-parenting plans include boundaries. For example, if your former spouse is OK with letting your child stay up late, you might want to discuss that with them and stress a normal bedtime. You can also compromise a little by meeting them in the middle.

A good co-parenting plan can benefit your child and strengthen bonds.