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Document preparation and divorce

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Divorce |

Divorce proceedings can be complicated processes. Even when both parties want to settle in an agreeable fashion, there could be delays and other issues that may come up. Proper preparation might help move things faster in a North Carolina courtroom. Of course, it should begin long before official proceedings commence. Spouses may wish to compile all necessary documents for their lawyers’ review as early as possible.

Document preparation during a divorce

Generally, various documents establish who owns what or is responsible for particular obligations. A property deed reveals who owns a house. On the other hand, a lease points out who is responsible for paying rent on an apartment. When spouses divorce, issues of equitable distribution arise. Determining who owns a primary or secondary home is vital during proceedings. The same may be true about determining who signed their name to any lease agreements with rentals or storage units.

Not surprisingly, bank account statements and other financial documents are essential items. The same applies to individual retirement accounts or other statements from investment firms. Negotiations or mediation would likely rely upon an accurate financial picture to arrive at the desired conclusion.

Additional documents to examine

Tax returns would highlight both parties’ financial situation before the divorce. Any bills related to tax obligations may highlight how much debt the spouses accrued. Credit cards and other loan statements would do the same. Negotiations over settling debt require knowing how much debt everyone owes and whether the obligations are joint debt or held in one name.

Documents related to child care, such as school records and medical care, could be helpful. Those seeking custody or requesting a particular support amount. Ultimately, documents serve as evidence, and evidence means a lot in legal proceedings.